Category: Transport

The Hackney Downs Train Crash: A Forgotten Disaster

I revisit a long-forgotten, wholly avoidable 1902 disaster just outside Hackney Downs station caused by a broken axle.

Not just London Bridge: Structural oopsie-daises in the capital

The problem of buildings falling down has existed since time immemorial. I've picked a selection of unusual incidents caused by poor design, subsidence or simple wear & tear.

Architecture of the Automobile

Never mind your local supermarket petrol station, London has some architectural gems created in the service of the internal combustion engine.

The Assassination of Broad Street

Who was responsible for the destruction of what was, in 1900, the third busiest rail terminus in London? I name names and point fingers.

A Brief History of the London Cabmen’s Shelters

I take a look at this once-common sight on London's streets, now endangered and particularly vulnerable in the Covid era

The Pick of London Transport

Time to pay homage to a hero of London's transport system.

Underground, Overground

I thought it a good idea to explain the different railways there are in London, with tongue very firmly in cheek.

Trams, Trains, Trolley Buses and Ticket Machines

The Transport Museum in Covent Garden has a forgotten big brother that's well worth a visit by us adults.