Category: Westminster

London’s Other Banqueting House

For almost two hundred years the Lord Mayor of London had his own Banqueting House - but it wasn't in the City of London.

Balloons, Gin & Sensible Knickers: The Story of the Pantheon

Why does a branch of Marks & Spencer have such a strange name? The answer can be found 250 years ago ...

The Shady World of Willy Clarkson

What stories can lie behind a simple blue plaque ... prepare to enter a murky world of blackmail, fraud and wig-making.

The Gaiety Theatre and the ‘Orchid Girl’ who never was

Surely, facts stated on a commemorative plaque are checked and rechecked before the plaque goes up. Apparently not.

What Treasures Lie Beneath

... at least for the observant historian. Oscar Wilde once said 'We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.' Sometimes, it pays to look more thoroughly at the gutter.

The Pick of London Transport

Time to pay homage to a hero of London's transport system.

The Curious Case of the Wine Merchant & the Republic of Texas

Why a wine merchant founded in 1698 may not think too highly of the short-lived republic