When constabulary duty’s to be done, to be done …

... it isn't necessarily being done by the Metropolitan Police. Here's a helpful guide to identifying the police force aiding or arresting you.

The Ghost of Football Past

A football ground in East London is a rare example of dereliction left to rest in peace.

Staring at Walls

It's no surprise just how much history there is to the city walls of London. What is surprising is just how much of the wall survives.

The Curious Case of the Wine Merchant & the Republic of Texas

Why a wine merchant founded in 1698 may not think too highly of the short-lived republic

Underground, Overground

I thought it a good idea to explain the different railways there are in London, with tongue very firmly in cheek.

Trams, Trains, Trolley Buses and Ticket Machines

The Transport Museum in Covent Garden has a forgotten big brother that's well worth a visit by us adults.

Doing everything possible to stop the building falling down

Why, after having millions of pounds lavished on it, a Victorian music hall derelict for half a century now looks ... derelict.

Let’s hear it for the rural idylls

It is clear that in the coming weeks visits to the cinema, theatre, museums and art galleries won't be feasible. Time for green destinations to step up to the mark.

Books. Lots of books. Really, mind-boggling amounts.

I am now the proud owner of a reader's pass for the British Library, a truly extraordinary national institution. However, extraordinary national institutions, operate in very strange ways.