Category: City of London

Local Government, City of London Style

A post for devotees of municipal governance. Welcome to a world of Freemen, Liverymen, Councilmen, Aldermen, Sheriffs, Aldermanic Sheriffs and a Lord Mayor, in a city that is home to less than 10,000 people.

The Assassination of Broad Street

Who was responsible for the destruction of what was, in 1900, the third busiest rail terminus in London? I name names and point fingers.

The Other Royal Home in the City

The Tower of London survives in all its glory; the lost Baynard's Castle and Bridewell Palace are well-documented. So I've written a short post on the long-forgotten Tower Royal. It's short because there's next to no evidence.

A Bluffer’s Guide to … Dick Whittington (oh, yes it is!)

Everything you need to know about a real Lord Mayor of London who, for some reason, is the main character in a traditional pantomime

A Road by Any Other Name … Part 3

An endless fascination with street names and their evolution has seen me reach again for my copy of Eilert Ekwall's authoritative tome.

All Hail the Ale Conners …

Welcome to the bizarre world of the Southwark Courts Leet, City outposts south of the Thames that have had no purpose for centuries and yet are still with us, alive and ... er ... well, they are certainly alive.

A Bite-Size Post on Peek Frean (& Camels)

Why a stone depiction of camels in Eastcheap has me dreaming of twiglets

A Bluffer’s Guide to … the Mansion House

Everything you need to know – and a few trivia facts you don’t – about an iconic building at the heart of the Square Mile

The City’s Lost Midsummer Spectacular

Once one of London's great annual festivities, don't turn up for the Midsummer Watch this year - you'll be almost 500 years too late.

A Bluffer’s Guide to … Old London Bridge

Everything you need to know - and a few things you don't - about one of the most famous lost bridges in the world