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To a London blogger, no street is dull

Can I find anything interesting about a 70-yard road which on the face of it has severely limited blog post potential? Read on to find out ...

Dancing with the Devil: The Life and Times of Bleeding Heart Yard

A small courtyard just north of Ely Place in Holborn seems to have collected more than its fair share of fascinating myths and legends.

Drowning in Beer, Trading with the Enemy & Murdering the Manager

Tales of disaster, shootings and musical comedy - an everyday story of a London corner.

Architecture of the Automobile

Never mind your local supermarket petrol station, London has some architectural gems created in the service of the internal combustion engine.

The Assassination of Broad Street

Who was responsible for the destruction of what was, in 1900, the third busiest rail terminus in London? I name names and point fingers.

A Bluffer’s Guide to … Dick Whittington (oh, yes it is!)

Everything you need to know about a real Lord Mayor of London who, for some reason, is the main character in a traditional pantomime

A Road by Any Other Name … Part 3

An endless fascination with street names and their evolution has seen me reach again for my copy of Eilert Ekwall's authoritative tome.

A Brief History of the London Cabmen’s Shelters

I take a look at this once-common sight on London's streets, now endangered and particularly vulnerable in the Covid era

Where the Weird Things Are

Try spotting the eccentricity - more difficult than you might expect - as I outline the history of the Eccentric Club. It's a story of thespians, beaver hats, philanthropy, Mr. Fulham and the owners of Chelsea FC's ground.

A Bite-Size Post on Peek Frean (& Camels)

Why a stone depiction of camels in Eastcheap has me dreaming of twiglets